Monar: a family story

Monar stands as a testament to enduring family values and a rich heritage, spanning more than fifty years in the business world. It all began in 1967 when Monar Antwerp emerged as a haven of high-quality artisanal footwear, setting the stage for a journey defined by craftsmanship.

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, Monar Antwerp grew and diversified in the 2000s, giving rise to Monar & Clothes, its dynamic counterpart. Here, fashion enthusiasts discover an extensive array of offerings, from trendy sneakers and streetwear to select womenswear brands. The Monar experience expanded, inviting customers to explore the realms of style and sophistication.

A few years ago when Tom and Els, the dedicated owners and siblings, envisioned enhancing the Monar & Clothes space. Thus, Bar Monar was born. Open on Friday and Saturday afternoons, this hidden oasis located at the back of the store offers respite to weary shoppers. Indulge in a selection of hot and cold beverages, wines, expertly crafted cocktails, and delectable sweet and savory bites – a perfect way to culminate your shopping escapades.

Orange radiates warmth and energy

The significance of the color orange in our story cannot be overlooked. It serves as a vibrant symbol of our ethos and vision. Orange, intertwined with gut feelings and instincts, embodies the essence of our brand. It exudes a warmth and energy that mirror the spirit of Monar, inviting all to share in our passion for fashion and creativity.

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